NEW: Statistics in English on French Widescreen Cinema

Located on the top right title page of this blog, you will find slides that include information concerning the most recent and complete Statistics on French Widescreen Cinema (1954-2009):
  • Evolution of the French Widescreen Film Production from 1954 to 2009
  • Widescreen Processes, Techniques and Trade Marks used in the French Cinema Industry
  • The French anamorphic and non-anamorphic Market
  • Film Genres of the French Widescreen Cinema
  • French Directors favoring the Widescreen Format

Key Words: Widescreen, CinemaScope, Franscope, Dyaliscope, Totalvision, Panavision, Technovision, Hawk Anamorphic, Super 35, 70mm

For example:

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